View All Submissions by Workspace

When you select the View all Submissions link in the left panel of your home page, you are navigated to My Workspaces: a list of Workspaces in which you are enrolled as a Reviewer and/or for which you have Review Manager permissions. From here, you or begin Review activity.

Each Workspace is described by name and by the Workspace Template with which it is associated.

Depending on your permissions, each workspace description is associated with up to three links:

The Overview link navigates you to a screen where you can learn more about the Workspace and your role(s) within it. Use this link to view the template and/or the complete roster of participants.

If you are a Reviewer or All-Access Reviewer, the View and Review Submissions link navigates to the Workspace Review grid, where you can browse work submitted and reviews completed for this Workspace. The related Search screen enables you to filter work by Participating Area and/or template area.

If you are a Review Manager, the Manage Reviews link enables you to search for reviews associated with this Workspace and navigate to the Workspace Review grid to view them and perform management tasks including (where applicable) reconciliation of multiple reviews for the same submission.

To exit from My Workspaces

  1. Click the Home link in the breadcrumb at the top of the screen.
  2. You are returned to your home page.

What's Next

If you selected the Overview for a Workspace, click here to learn what's on that page.

If you selected to View and Review Submissions or to Manage Reviews for a Workspace, your next step is to Search for Participating Areas .

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