Decide What to do With Review

When you reach the end of your review, you'll need to decide what to do with it. 

Send Back for Revision

To give the Participating Area an opportunity to revise the work prior to scoring, click Send back for revision. When Send back for revision is used, the report is sent back as a provisional review.

When work is sent back for revision, depending on Workspace Enrollment settings, the Reviewer might have the option to Send External Email Notification to the Participating Area, with regard to the status change.

Please Note: The email notification feature can be enabled or disabled (grayed out) for different Participating Areas.


The Participating Area must subsequently resubmit the work for review.

There are two scenarios in which this is allowed:

When Workspace Preferences are set to "Allow Editing after Work is Released" for a specific Requirement, a Participating Area may be able to make changes after the Review has been released as a final score and the Requirement is unlocked.


While the Participating Area can continue to make changes, the work CANNOT be resubmitted and will not be re-reviewed. Changes will, however, appear in reports.

Work with final scores recorded can also be revised for resubmission if a Review Manager chooses to CANCEL the existing scores and reset the Review Process.

Final review/score

When you have completed your Review and want to record your score as final, there are two options:

Record as final but release review to participating area later. Your score is recorded as final, but the results are held to be released at a later date.

Record as final and release review to participating area now. The score is recorded as final, and the Participating Area will immediately receive the results.

When work is being released immediately, the Reviewer may have the option to Send External Email to the Participating Area.

Note that the email notification feature can be enabled or disabled (grayed out) for different Participating Areas.

When enabled for a Participating Area, this feature specifically applies to those enrolled members who have been tagged as having "view only" or "view & edit" permissions for this Workspace. If an individual member has chosen to unsubscribe from this type of email, an email will not be sent to that member regardless of Workspace permissions.


Workspaces can be set up to prohibit Reviewers from releasing scores to Participating Areas.  If this is the case then neither of the Record as final and release review ... choices will appear.  

Note that all areas where multiple Reviewers are required to review the work do not allow individual Reviewers to release the scores.


Preview / Cancel / Edit a Review

The Review screen also includes several options to manage your Review work session:

Save and Preview Review

To view the review report before submission, click Preview Review.

To process the review, click Submit Review Now.

At this point, you are returned to the view submission grid to select another Participating Area for review.  If there are no other Participating Areas that meet your search criteria, the view submission grid appears empty.


Cancel a Review

(Optional) You can access the link to View Review in Progress.  The only time this link is not available to you is when the review was not saved.  This is ONLY a preview, you cannot edit the review.  But, if needed, you can cancel an review in progress.

From the review summary page, click Cancel Review.  A warning screen appears to confirm that you want to cancel the review and to remind you that this cancellation appears in the review history.  To proceed, click Cancel Review (Delete).


Edit a Completed Review

To update the review, click Edit Review.

Reviewers can edit a review that has NOT been released to the Participating Area. If the review has been released to the Participating Area, you can only edit the review if you are a Review Manager.

You can access the link to View Review in Progress.  The only time this link is not available to you is when the review was not saved.  This is ONLY a preview, you cannot edit the review.  

If needed, you can cancel a review in progress.  At least 24 hours must transpire before you can cancel the review in progress.

Review Managers can see that the Review/Score tab replaces the Comments to Reviewer tab in the completed review area for a Participating Area. The review report lists identifying information about the Requirement or Category, date reviewed, points awarded, overall mark, in addition to detailed results.

All Reviewers are able to view their completed review reports at any time.


Review History

The History and Comments section displays information such as date a review has changed status, the type of status change, who performed the change, and any comments related to the change such as scores or any cancellations that have occurred to the review.  

If there are reviews in progress that have NOT had data entered (COMPLETELY BLANK - no attachment and so on) and were started 24 hours prior to cancellation, then those reviews are automatically cancelled.

Reviewers may also add files when they send work back without a review.

Note: if this option does not display, your institution has decided not to use this feature for this particular workspace. This setting is made on a workspace-by-workspace basis.


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