Strategic Planning: Processing Submitted Budget Requests

Process a Submitted Budget Request

1. Go to the Planning tab in the side menu and click on Strategic Planning in the top horizontal menu. In the drop down menu, select Budget Administration. You will view a list of submitted budgets pending your review within the Pending Budgets for Review sub-tab.

2. Click on the appropriate budget request title.

3. For each budget item included in the budget request, review the budget item details. Then select the appropriate approval status from the Approval Status dropdown menu.

4. If you select Approved from the dropdown list, the requested amount auto-populates in the Amount Approved field. You can manually adjust this dollar amount. This amount will also auto-populate in the Approved Amount field above budget request table and will be visible to budget requesters when you click on Save and Submit.

5. If you select Denied or Suspended from the dropdown list, 0 (zero) auto-populates in the Amount Approved field. You cannot adjust this manually.

6. Click on Save to save your work and return to the budget request at a later time.

7. Click on Save and Submit to submit the processed budget request. This allows budget requesters to view processed requests.

Budget Administration gives you the control to approve portions of requested funds

Review and Recall Completed Budgets

1. Budget requests that you have processed are auto-filed into the Completed Budgets subtab. To access budget requests that you have already processed, click on the Completed Budgets sub-tab.

2. If you need to recall a submitted budget request to continue working on it, click on the title of the submitted request, then click the Recall Request button. The budget request will be auto-returned to the Pending Budgets for Review sub-tab.

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