Anonymous Reviewers


The Anonymous Reviewers setting enables you to provide anonymous feedback for your participating


NOTE: This setting is only applicable if your institution is using the Review feature in AMS.

The Anonymous Reviewers setting is an “all or nothing” permission. This means that once you turn it on, the name on the account that gave formal feedback will be suppressed for all reviews across all
workspaces. The name will be suppressed in both the review and the review history for each submission.


As an administrator with reporting permissions, you will still be able to see the reviewer’s name in key areas when running reports, including in the Workspace Activity Report, as pictured below.



When you drill down to individual reviews, the reviewer’s name will not appear. If you wish to see the reviewer’s names within your own manager account, you may call our support team to have the feature turned off for your individual account only. In most cases, this won’t be necessary.

There is also no impact when assigning reviewers in the Workspace Management area.
Once this permission is turned on, reviewers can use their own personal accounts to contribute
anonymous reviews.


Turning On Anonymous Reviewers
To turn the Anonymous Reviewers capability on for your institution,
please contact our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request (subject: AMS Reviewers).

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