Export View All Submissions Grid

You can export data from the View All Submissions work grid to Excel ,to save the results to your computer for archiving, or to conduct further analysis or manipulation of the information. You may opt to either immediately view the exported report on screen or save the file (without opening) to view or use at a later time.

  1. Click Export to Excel.
  2. An interim window loads, providing some options for customizing this export.
    1. Use the pull-down selector to indicate whether you want the export file structured as Formatted/Print View each row contains ALL information for a single Participating Area, with cells for each Workspace template area or as Data Export each row represents a single submission -- one Participating Area, one Workspace area.
    2. (Optional) Use the "Show" checkboxes to indicate whether or not to include StatusRaw ScoresDates (if available) and/or number of Reviews (if applicable) in the export

  3. A pop-up window loads with the export to Excel dialog box. This box appears different, depending on your browser.
  4. (Optional) To quit your action, click Cancel.
  5. To save your Excel file without viewing, click Save and select a location.
    1. Excel files save with the extension ".xls" by default, however with certain browser settings you may be prompted to select a format when saving.
    2. You can open this saved file as needed.


  1. To immediately view the file on screen in Excel, click Open
    1. To store the open Excel file for future use, be sure to "Save As" and place in the location of your choosing.

Like the work grid display from which it is generated, each Excel worksheet includes a header box with the name of the Workspace template, name of the person generating the report and generated date. The contents of the report vary, based on the format selected (as per Step 2-a, above).

Formatted/Print View

When data is exported in the Formatted/Print View, each row of the report represents a single Participating Area and contains ALL information for that Participating Area for the selected Workspace/Template. Individual (labeled) columns of the Excel worksheet contain information for each of the selected template areas

  • The first column of the spreadsheet contains the name of the Participating Area

The remainder of the spreadsheet consists of one column per template area. Depending on the items checked to "Show" (Step 2-b) and on the information relevant to a specific Participating Area, these submission columns will contain some/all of the following pieces of information.

  • Status of review (as it appears in work grid, but without icon)
  • Raw Score
  • Date associated with Status
  • # of Reviews (for example "2 of 3 reviews done")

Data Export

When data is exported in the Data Export format, each row of the report represents a single submission and each Participating Area appears in multiple rows. Depending on the items checked to "Show" (Step 2-b), the following columns of information are exported:

  • Participating Area
  • Template Category
  • Template Requirement
  • Status
  • Date work was Submitted
  • Date work was Reviewed
  • Raw Score
  • # of Completed Reviews*
  • # of Possible Reviews*
  • Subscriber Status (Active or Inactive)

* for example, if 2 of 3 reviews are completed, the number in the "Completed Reviews" column will be '2' and the number of "Possible Reviews" will be '3'

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