My Workspaces: Overview

When you select the View All Submissions link from the left panel of your home page, you are navigated to My Workspaces: a list of Workspaces in which you are enrolled as a Reviewer and/or for which you have Review Manager permissions. From here, you can learn more about a Workspace, or begin Review activity.

To learn more about a specific Workspace

  1. Click the Overview link.
  2. You are navigated to a screen that summarizes key information useful in the Review process.

As well as stating Your Role(s) and the Workspace type, the screen displays your Additional Role Information, including a full description of related management permission(s) that you have been granted.

  1. (Optional) Click the link to View roster of ALL Workspace Participants
  2. (Optional) Click the link to View the Workspace Setup

View Participant Roster

When you click the link to view Workspace Participants you are navigated to the Full Workspace Roster for the selected Workspace.

The identities of those in each role -- Workspace Manager(s)Reviewer(s) and Participating Area(s) -- are displayed in an expandable section. Each section heading is annotated to show the number of individuals assigned that role.

Click the the right-facing yellow triangle in the header to reveal details of that role; click the downward-pointing yellow triangle to collapse the section back to the header.

In the expanded list, each Workspace Manager and Reviewer name is accompanied by a Send E-mail link that you can use to begin a message to that individual.

View Workspace Setup

When you click the link to view Workspace Setup you are navigated to a two-column display of all the elements of the Workspace Template structure, each described by its own Review Method.

Each template area has a View Directions link. Click to open a pop-up window with a preview of this requirement or category, showing Directions and Review Method.

When the Review Method is a Rubric, a View Rubric link is provided. Click to open a pop-up window showing the actual Rubric, including fully-expandable Standards.

Buttons at the top of this page enable you to generate a Print View - a pop-up browser window containing a printer-friendly version of this table of the template or Preview as Folio - a pop-up window containing a browse-able web folio version of the template.

To exit from the Overview

  1. Click the My Workspaces link in the breadcrumb at the top of the screen.
  2. You are returned to the My Workspaces list.
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