Perform a Reconciliation

When a user with Reconciler Reviewer permissions clicks the Reconcile button for a submission on the Reviews to be Reconciled work queue or the Workspace Review grid, he or she is navigated to a Review area. Several of the buttons in the left panel of this screen can be used to access the work in a version of the side-by-side review display that enables you to perform a Reconciliation.

Note: A Reconcile Reviewer who clicks a View/Edit link for an item on the Workspace Review grid, will also navigate to a Review screen that includes reconciliation functionality. In such a case, if you decide that the item is Ready to Reconcile, even though the set number of reviews for that item has not been completed, all outstanding reviews (i.e. those not marked complete) will be suspended.

The side-by-side display loads the Participating Area's work submission and a Review/Score Work screen in two (2) separate windows. The Review/Score Work screen (by default displayed on the right) is used to enter the reconciliation. A similar display is ALSO used to edit reviews.

To perform a Reconciliation when the set number of Reviews are completed

  1. Click Reconcile,
  1. If you choose to Reconcile a submission for which the set number of reviews for that item has not been completed, you must click Ready to Reconcile.


Click Resume Reconciliation (only displays if you have previously started to reconcile this item and did not complete the process),


Click Edit Review (prior to reconciliation) or Edit Reconciled Review (subsequent to reconciliation).

You can only edit your own review (if you have completed one). However, as a Reconciler, you can edit a reconciled review at any time.
  1. The Participating Area work AND a Review/Score Work screen for Reconciliation are launched in two (2) separate side-by-side windows. If no submission is required and your browser setting is smaller than 1024 X 768, then only the Review page loads.
  1. Enter your reconciled score.

Determine what the reconciled score should be by considering the Summary for Reporting Reviewers at the top of the Review/Score Work screen and the actual Participating Area work submission (in the other window).

After you have completed your assessment, enter your reconciled score using whatever method is appropriate to this Workspace Area. Score methods include Pass/Fail, Meet/Does Not Meet Requirements, Write-in Scores, Rubric, Custom Form and the Combined Review Method (Form + Rubric).

Certain methods might present additional fields or buttons/links on screen. For example, if a Workspace Area is reviewed by rubric, a View Rubric button provides access to the original rubric and a field displays in which to Add Rubric Criteria Comments.

Pass/Fail and Meets Requirement/Does Not Meet Requirement are default terms in AMS but these terms are customizable.  

  1. (OptionalAttach a File to this review to substantiate your reconciled score. These files become a permanent part of the review history and reports.
    1. Check Visible to Participating Areas if you want to share this file with the Participating Areas.
  1. (Optional) Add overall comment in the scrolling text box, to substantiate your reconciled score.
    1. You may additionally View/Import Other Reviewers' Comments to provide a single compiled set of commentary with this reconciled review.

When you import Comments from others, their names will NOT automatically appear next to their Comments. If you want to store these names, you may add them manually.

  1. You may opt to use the Save Draft button in this field for an interim "save" as you work.

 Another option is to release all of the Reviews that lead up to this Reconciliation with the reconciliation report. This feature is available if the Workspace Manager enabled this preference when setting up the Workspace.

  1. Click a radio button to Decide what to do with this review

If you select Record as final and release review to participating area now, when you click Submit Review Now (step 9, below), this submission is simultaneously set to the status "Reconciled/Reviewed" AND released back to the Participating Area.

If you select Record as final but release review to participating area later, when you click Submit Review Now (step 9, below), this submission will show up in the Reviews to be Released work queue.

  1. (OptionalPreview the reconciliation report on screen.

If you are NOT READY TO COMPLETE your Reconciliation

  1. Click Save Draft to save all of the reconciliation work you have performed on this screen
  2. Click Close. You are returned to the Review/Score summary tab
  3. Click Cancel - Review later to return to the work list from which you began. The status of this submission is set to Reconciliation in Progress. The Resume Reconciliation button displays next time you attempt to Reconcile this submission

If you HAVE COMPLETED your Reconciliation

  1. Click Submit Review Now
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