Self-Study Templates List

This is a list of available Planning & Self-Study Templates that can be activated for your account. Please note, this list will be updated as our template options change.
Regional Accreditation Templates 
  • Blank Template  (See this article for more information on creating a new self-study from scratch: Customizing Self-Study Reports)
  • HLC - Assurance Review 
  • HLC Self-Study (2020 Revision)
  • MSCHE - Self-Study 
  • NECHE - Self-Study 
  • NWCCU - Self-Study
  • SACSCOC - Compliance Certification (updated Jan 2018) 
  • SACSCOC - Fifth-Year Interim Report 
  • SACSCOC Five Year Interim Report (Expanded) 
  • WSCUC - Institutional Report
  • SACSCOC - Compliance Certification (updated Jan 2020)

Programmatic Accreditation Templates 

  • AACSB 2013 Initial Self-Evaluation Report (Business)
  • AACSB 2020 Initial Self-Evaluation Report (Business)
  • AACSB Continuous Improvement Report (2013 Standards)
  • AACSB Continuous Improvement Report (2020 Report Template)
  • AAQEP Quality Assurance Report
  • ABET ANSAC 2020 Self-Study
  • ABET CAC 2020 Self-Study
  • ABET EAC 2020 Self-Study
  • ABET ETAC 2020 Self-Study
  • ACBSP Self Study
  • ACEN Self-Study
  • ACEN Self-Study 2023
  • AMBA Self-Audit Report (MBA)
  • CACREP Self-Study
  • CAEP Initial Program Self-Study Report
  • CAEP 2022 Initial Standards
  • CAEP 2022 Advanced Standards

  • CCNE Baccalaureate & Graduate Self-Study
  • CSWE Self-Study
  • CSWE Self-Study 2022
  • EQUIS Self-Study Report
  • IACBE First Time Applicant Self Study
  • IACBE Reaffirmation of Accreditation Self-Study


If none of these templates work for you, you can either create a template using the blank template feature or our team can create the self-study for you.

Note: If our team creates it for you, it would not be a template, it would be a self-study with the intended template. You could copy it and make changes in the future, but it would not be an actual template that is accessible from the dropdown list.


DISCLAIMER: These templates have been created by Watermark and are interpretations of these accrediting agencies' policies, procedures, and practices. These templates have, in no way, been sanctioned by the accrediting agency or other entities beyond Watermark.
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