Adding and Managing Evidence in a Self-Study

In each section of the Self-Study, content contributors have the ability to add evidence to the area they have been assigned. 
This evidence is uploaded through the Manage Evidence function on the right of the section's landing page:
This will bring the user to a page where evidence can be added from a variety of sources:
Note that maximum file size and acceptable file types will be listed in the top-left. 
Once the evidence is uploaded, it can be utilized in the section's Narrative, by opening the Evidence menu:
Here, a user can highlight text within their Narrative, and create a link to the uploaded evidence:
A Self-Study Administrator may find that they would like to view and manage all evidence that has been uploaded to the entire report, without necessarily clicking into each individual section of the self-study. 
To do so, an administrator can select the Manage Evidence function on the Overview page of the self-study. 
This will produce the list of attachments that have been added to various sections of the self-study. To share an attachment with additional sections, a user would click the Share With Standards link, and then select the additional standards that the attachment will need to be referenced in.
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