Adding a Cover Page & Exporting a Self-Study


When creating a self-study, you can click into the Overview tab to add a new page if you've chosen to include an Introductory Page. 


Click Introductory Pages and select the Add New Page drop down.

To create a page, click the Create Page option and provide a page title. Click Create.



The following screen will open a blank narrative page. Here you can choose to add an image, enter text, etc. 


Click Save to proceed. 

Note: You can refer to the article Best Practices when Entering Content into a Self-Study for formatting tips and tricks.


After clicking Save, the last saved date will appear next to the Save button and you can click the back arrow to go back to the self-study template structure. 



The new page will appear with more options. Here you can choose to Edit Page, Rename the page, or Delete the page.



To add a page with an uploaded PDF, click Add New Page and select Upload PDF.


Select a PDF document from the folders and once a selection is made, the status bar will move across the screen and the PDF will appear on the list once it has completely uploaded. 




The more options button will be also be available for the PDF document. Here you can Rename, Move Up, or Delete the page. Since there are multiple pages on the screen, the option to move up or move down will be available. 



If you choose to create a website once the self-study is completed, you'll be able to include the Introductory Pages in the website or export.


Website Creation

From the Overview page, click Settings. 

Click Create Website.


Add a website title and complete the URL. Click Next. 


Include the Introductory Page, Cover Page, and PDF page (if you choose). Click Next.



Select the Security Options and click Create Website. 



Example Web View:



Exporting Cover Page

From the overview page, click Export.



Click the drop down arrow next to Content Included. Ensure that the Cover Pages are selected and click Start Export.





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