Customizing Self-Study Reports

Customize a Self-Study Report

Self-Study administrators can customize self-study reports according to their or their accreditor’s needs.
Administrators can add new sections and standards and can choose to omit or include the narratives for each. They can also edit the title or description of existing sections and subsections, reorder existing ones, and/or remove them.
Note: These changes will only be reflected in the self-study report and will not change the base template or other reports created with the template.

To begin editing the structure of the self-study:

  1. On your homepage, select the Accreditation Self-Studies icon from the administrative toolbar
  2. Click on the name of the self-study
  3. Select Settings on the top-right
  4. Click Customize Template 


The first part of customizing a Self-Study is deciding whether or not to enable the PDF view toggle.


If you choose to enable the toggle, the layout of the Narrative editor will be changed to match the layout of the PDF page. You'll also be able to see how the data entered in the editor will be exported when you export it to PDF. It lets you examine tables that have been expanded beyond the white area of the editor. 


Next, you will find the setting to include an Introductory Page. If you toggle this setting on, your self-study structure will include essentially a cover page, where you will have the ability to add a PDF file.  



 For each area of your narrative, you can expand the Action Menu to either Edit or Delete.  



Selecting to edit an item enables you to edit the title, description, and whether to Include or Omit the item.

While editing you can also use the arrow buttons to reorder the items in the self-study report.


  • Omitting the narrative will remove any data and evidence from the section. The evidence will still be available in the Overview section. If the narrative is included in the self-study again, the previous narrative data will be restored.
  • Deleting the section or standard will unlink it from any related evidence and delete the narrative data. The evidence will still be available in the Overview section. The narrative data will not be recoverable.

Building a Self-Study Report from a Blank Template

To ensure Planning & Self-Study can flexibly support  accreditation reporting needs, in addition to using pre-built templates for the most common regional and specialized accreditors, self-study administrators can build templates from scratch as follows:
  1. From the template drop-down list, select “Blank Template"


  2. Upon selecting a Blank Template, you will see a blank section, with a blank standard within it.  Navigate to “Settings” to customize the report.

  3.  Use the self-study report customization options to add sections and standards, edit titles and descriptions, reorder them, and include or omit narratives for each one.


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