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Manually Edit User Information

The following article provides information on how to manually edit user information in a project.

Access Edit User Mode

In a Project:
  1. Click on the Users tab.
  2. Search for the desired user.
  3. Under the Users section, click on the Edit (pencil icon), located to the right of the respective user, to enter Edit User mode.

Edit User Mode

In Edit User mode, you can:
  1. Edit User's First/Last Name.
  2. Edit User's email Address.
  3. It is Not Recommend to edit a user's Username during an In Progress project. If the username exists elsewhere in the system, you will not be able to edit the username. To change a username, it is best to create a new user with the correct username first, enroll in the appropriate courses and then unenroll the incorrect username from all courses

    Note: If responses were submitted under the incorrect username, these results will be lost when the student is unenrolled from courses.
  4. Login as this User - you can log in as the user to view their account as they would see it.
  5. Reset Email Login Link: If a user accidentally shares an email communication that contains the user specific Login URL, you can reset the Login URL by selecting Reset Email Login Link. The Login URL will immediately be disabled and a new one will be issued, which you can then email the user directly.
  6. Email User: Conveniently email a specific user.
  7. Unenroll user from courses within the project.


    • Unenrolling Students: Unenrolling students within an In-Progress project who have already submitted responses, will remove any of the student's responses from results!
    • Unenrolling Instructors: Unenrolling instructors within an In-Progress project that are enrolled in a team-taught course, when team-taught questions are enabled on the survey, will result in a loss of data for that instructor's team-taught question results!
  8. Enroll users as Students/Instructors in other courses within the project.


Reset Respondent Survey

  1. Re-open the survey for a student for a specific course, which will make the survey active again for the student/respondent, without losing their previous submissions. Use this option if the student needs to make minor changes. If the survey is still active for the course, Re-open will be the default option.
  2. Reset the survey for a student for a specific course, which will delete their responses for all questions to the course. Use this option if the student needs to re-take the entire survey. If the survey access period has ended for the course, Reset will be the default option.

Optional Metadata

Metadata can be manually added to the users, which can be used to filter the user in raw data reports or in Report Builder 2.0.

To add metadata:

  1. Click Add Optional Metadata.
  2. Enter the name of the metadata.
  3. Enter the value of the metadata.
  4. Click Save.
Once created, you can click Edit to edit the metadata or Delete to delete the metadata.

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