Updating account information for an existing user

Note: If your institution is using System Administration, these instructions will only allow you to update information for 'external' users (mentors/cooperating teachers) that have been added in Student Learning & Licensure. Student and faculty users can only be updated in System Administration.


With the exception of User ID and Password, any of the fields in the users import can be updated by re-importing a user (Name, Email, Role, etc.).

If you need to update the User ID for an existing user, please contact our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request (subject: Update User ID).

Only the required field column headers are required for the import; if you add a column header and leave the value blank for a given user, then previously entered data will be deleted.

If you need to add a new user, please click here for instructions on importing a users file. 

To update information for an existing user:

1. Log into an administrator account

2. Click the menu button (checkerboard icon) in the upper right corner of the page and click Admin
2. Click Import at the top of the page
3. Click Users Sample File and download the users.csv file

4. Open the .csv file and do the following: 

  • Delete each row that contains sample data
  • Enter a row for each user that needs to be updated. Please make sure you have entered the correct User ID in column A. If the User ID is incorrect you may receive an error, or you may accidentally update information for the wrong user.

5. Once your .csv file is ready, save the file and return to the Import Users screen
6. Click Upload File and select your .csv
7. Once the import has finished, the Import Status will tell you how many rows were imported successfully and how many failed. If any of the rows failed, click the Failed Information link to view the errors. Once you have corrected the errors in your .csv and re-saved the file, repeat step 6.

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