Course Import

Import Course

Purpose: Institutional Administrators will create courses that are used as master shells for individual sections.  Within a course, you would find all time bound instances of that course including a student roster, such as EDU 101 Fall 2020.  

Accepted File Formats – The import supports the following file types:

*.csv UTF-8

All files must have the correct file extension.

Course Import Fields

Courses only need to be imported once, unless you need to add additional courses as your programs create new course offerings. Information needed to populate your courses import can be found in your Student Information System or Course Management System. 

All of these fields must be in the header row of each upload. Optional fields may be left blank, or removed from the spreadsheet. Fields can be uploaded in any order. The sample file has the fields in the following order:

Course ID

     ⦁ Explanation: Unique identifier for each Course.  Often, this will match the Course Code
     ⦁ Example: 38661
     ⦁ Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 50
     ⦁ Sample file column: A
     ⦁ Import Status: Required.  

          ⦁ Note:  Must be unique in the system.

          ⦁  If the SIS does not have a value for the course ID, then it is recommended that this field be the same as the Course Code (see below).

Node Name

     ⦁ Explanation: Level of the Hierarchy in which the course will reside
     ⦁ Example: Department of Education
     ⦁ Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 50, Case sensitive
     ⦁ Sample file column: B
     ⦁ Import Status: Required

         ⦁ Note:  Must match existing hierarchy node.


     ⦁ Explanation: Name of the Course
     ⦁ Example: Introduction to  Education
     ⦁ Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 50, Case sensitive
     ⦁ Sample file column: C
     ⦁ Import Status: Required

          ⦁ Note:  Must be unique in the system.


     ⦁ Explanation: Importing the category as “internship” will create a course in which new sections will have internship features, like time logs and mentor notifications, enabled by default. Importing a course with the category “group” or “course” will create a course with without these features enabled; however, they can be enabled at the section level later, if needed.

          Accepted Values:

               ⦁ course
               ⦁ group
               ⦁ internship

     ⦁ Field Type and Length: defined options, lowercase only 
     ⦁ Sample file column: D
     ⦁ Import Status: Required


     ⦁ Explanation: Institutional code or abbreviation for the course
     ⦁ Example: EDUC 101
     ⦁ Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 50
     ⦁ Sample file column: E
     ⦁ Import Status: Required

          ⦁ Note:  Must be unique in the system.

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