Creating a User Group

Some functions of Tk20 allow you to perform actions on User Groups rather than individual users. To create a User Group:

  1. Log in to Tk20 and choose User Groups under Home in the sidebar.
  2. Click Create New User group.
  3. Give the new group a Name.
  4. Set a Description for the group (optional).
  5. Choose which group(s) this group is Available To (optional).
  6. Pick an Organization for the group (optional).
  7. Create one or more Filters to narrow the search results further by clicking add_button.png, selecting the desired options, and clicking Add. If you add more than one filter, users must qualify for all sets of conditions to be members of the group.
  8. Click Create.

Note(s): The Users field will show a number after you have added a filter to show the number of users that will be in the new User Group.

Example of a UA creating a User Group:

Goal: Create a user group to send a portfolio or survey. You need to add 40 student teachers to your user group.

You will use the “Filters” to add each student to your user group. The most commonly used filter is “ID.” The ID is the Personal ID (PID) you store for each user in Tk20. Don’t know a student’s PID? No problem, look it up in the Administration Tab Users.

Once you have the student’s PIDs:

  • Click the plus sign next to “Filter.
  • Select “ID” from the “Filter Variable” drop down menu.
  • Type in or paste the student PID in the “Value” box. Pro Tip: Put all of the student PIDs in an excel file, copy  PIDs from excel, and paste all of the PIDs into the value box at once!
  • Click “Add” and then click “Create” to generate your user group.

Note: If you forgot a student and need to add them to the user group, you will need to delete the filter and start over.


Name the Group


Set Filters to Narrow Results

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