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Our product services team commonly configures standards for our customers, and you can ask them to configure standards by clicking Submit A Request (subject: Configuring Standards). In order to configure standards as quickly as possible, we ask that you provide us with the URL of a site that hosts the standards, a pdf that may be edited/copied, or a Word document.  If the standard bodies are complex, please give an example of how you would like the standards configured. (To understand the setup of standards, please see the section “Manually Configuring Standards”).

Manually Configuring Standards

If you would like to manually configure standards, you can go to Administration Standards. At first, you will see your organizational hierarchy. To see which standards are already on your server, you can click next to the organization to see if that organization has any children organizations or any standard bodies aligned to it.

To add standards to an organization, select the checkbox next to the organization and press the green check box button.

Next, you will be able to give your standard body a name and a description box. Click “Add” when you have titled your standard body.
You will now be taken back to the Standards homepage. To add standards or standard groups, locate your standard body housed in the organization you placed it in.  Click on the checkbox next to the standard and click on the green checkbox.  This time, you will have an option to either select a standard group or a standard.

If you have a standard that will have sub standards, then you can select Standard Group. If you select Standard Group, you will be able to title your group name and give it a description.  If you would just like to add a standard, you can select Standard.  If you select the Standard option, you will be able to add or edit your standard here.
Using the Standard Groups and Standards, you can configure accreditation standard bodies inside of Tk20.  Below are two examples.






When the standard body is complete, click on the standard body link from the Standards homepage.  Here, in order to align standards to forms in Tk20, you will need to make the standard body “Active” and be associated to the organization listed on this page. If you would like to change your standard body to another organization, you can do this by clicking Select next to Organization and select a different organization.



Note: If you align the standard body to multiple organizations in the hierarchy and you are aligned to those organizations, then the standard body will appear multiple times in drop down menus.

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