Student Account Activation

If you have the Tk20 HigherEd product, student access to the application is granted once accounts (or ‘subscriptions’) are activated. Account activation is a separate step from the data load process. While you may have student data loaded and appearing in Tk20, this does not automatically trigger account activation.

This guide will describe the three account activation options you may utilize so students can begin engaging with Tk20, the steps to request or start using an option, and other important account details.

At a Glance: Student Account Activation Purchase Models 


Tk20 offers three options for student account activation: 

  • Bookstore Student Access Kits (SAKs)
  • Online Purchase with credit/debit card or cashier’s check
  • Bulk Activation

    You may use one or more of these payment options depending on your campus structure, policies, and procedures.

Student Access Kits (SAKs) can be purchased by students at campus bookstores, allowing stores to mark up the price (typically 20%) and giving students the opportunity to use financial aid. If an institution would like to use a bookstore as a point of sale option, the procedure outlined below must be followed.

The institution must email a purchase order to the Student Accounts Team at The purchase order should contain the following information in order for Tk20 to process the request and invoice the institution for payment:

  • Purchase order number
  • Requestor’s contact information (name, title, mailing address, phone number, and email address)
  • Quantity of SAKs needed (minimum of 10)
  • Name of authorized bookstore
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address

All SAKs are non-transferrable and must be purchased directly from Tk20 before being sold in bookstores. The SAKs shipped from Tk20 are only valid when purchased from the specific bookstore designated by the institution. Tk20 SAKs cannot be resold or transferred to a different institution or bookstore. Any SAKs purchased from an unauthorized bookstore or from another institution will not be activated.

Online Purchase

Our support team can set up an online purchase page which may be accessed from your Tk20 log in page (see screen shot below). You may also create a link to the payment page URL from your university sign-in portal if you have Single Sign On authentication.

Students can use their student ID number to purchase a Tk20 account with a credit or debit card. Please note Tk20 charges a $3 (USD) credit card processing fee for each student account purchased online. After purchasing a Tk20 account, the student will receive a confirmation email and the student’s account will be activated within 24 business hours. 


Link to purchase or register a student account

Bulk Activation

Tk20 partner institutions may purchase and activate student accounts in bulk by providing student information to Tk20 in Excel® or spreadsheet format. Required information includes the student’s PID, first name, and last name. Usernames are also required if the institution imports student usernames for remote authentication purposes. Schools will need to make note of any previously activated accounts. These accounts should not be included for invoicing. Once the student accounts have been activated, Tk20 will invoice the institution for those accounts.

The spreadsheet must be sent to Watermark Support (the best way to to click Submit A Request, subject: Tk20 Account Activation),  and must contain the following headers and corresponding student information:

firstname | middlename | lastname | pid (all lower case) (all fields are required)

To utilize this activation process, the institution is responsible for collecting the fees from students. One example of payment collection is issuing a course technology fee. Also note that our Student Accounts team will not notify students that accounts are activated. The institution is responsible for contacting students and providing this information, as well as the steps to log in to Tk20.

Account Fees

Students may transfer their account to another institution at any time while the account is valid. Students must contact Watermark Support by clicking Submit A Request (subject: Tk20 Student School Transfer) to make this request.

Watermark may change the rates it charges for use of the Service (“Subscription Rates”) or add new Subscription Rates for parts of the Service that were previously free at any time. Such changes shall be effective immediately with respect to new subscriptions and renewals.

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