Working With Files in the Document Room

The Document Room is a secure location for archiving and sharing files with university constituents, your Tk20 contacts, and the Client Support Team. These guidelines will help you understand the purpose of each section of the Document Room, as well as how to upload, download, and delete files.

Document Room Sections

The Document Room is comprised of four sections: Documents, Configuration Documents, Public Documents, and Accreditation Documents. Each section has a defined purpose.


The Documents section is typically the location where you will share files with other users on your campus such as Faculty, Program Coordinators, Deans, etc. Examples of files shared in this location may be reports, meeting minutes, or outcome statements. It is possible to upload many file types. Acceptable file types are listed in Administration List Domains File Types.

Configuration Documents

This section is where you will share files with the Client Support team for configuration, files for data loads, and other items such as completed assessment matrices. Access to this section is reserved for the Unit Administrator role. Your Tk20 contact will also use this location to share files with you.

Public Documents

This section can be utilized if you intend to share files with others such as students or guest users. Access to this section can be given as a privilege if needed to any role. With the introduction of the Accreditation Management functionality, this section is no longer the location for uploading files related to accreditation for onsite reviews (see “Accreditation Documents” below.)

Accreditation Documents

This section is reserved for evidence associated with an accreditation report. You do not upload files to this location from within the Document Room. Instead, through the process of creating an accreditation report, evidence is stored here to support your narratives.

Uploading Files to the Document Room

To upload a file to any section of the Document Room, first select the appropriate sub-menu name. Below, the Configuration Documents section is selected. Next, the user selected the check box next to the “SIS Data” folder:


Select the ‘+’ symbol to choose to add a file or create a new folder (within “SIS Data”):


Below, “File” was selected, and a file uploaded from the laptop of the user. You must title the file, but proving a reason is optional:



After the upload is complete, scroll down to select “Add”:


After uploading, the file will appear in the list:


To see details about the file, click on the name of the file. You will see the date the file was uploaded, and the user who uploaded the file


Downloading Files from the Document Room

To download a file from any section of the Document Room, first select the appropriate sub-menu name. Below, the Configuration Documents section is selected. Next, the user selected the plus symbol next to the “SIS Data” folder to view the contents (the plus symbol will change to a minus symbol when the folder opens):


Select the file name to download, and then scroll to the bottom:


Select the name of the file. The file will download to your computer.

Deleting Files from the Document Room

NOTE: Only the user who uploaded a file is able to delete the file. See “Deleting Files from Other User Accounts” below to delete files from other user accounts.

To delete a file from any section of the Document Room, first select the appropriate sub-menu name. Below, the Configuration Documents section is selected. Next, expand the folder (if necessary) and select the check box next to the file name to be deleted. Next, select the trash can icon:



When deleting a file, Tk20 will display the following message to verify your action. Click OK to confirm:

Deleting Files from Other User Accounts

As a Unit Administrator, you can log into another user’s account to delete an unnecessary file. The first step is to open the file and note the user who performed the upload. Then go to Administration Users and search for the individual. The Request Access feature will log you indirectly to the user account:

Important: Make sure the user is not currently logged in. If the user is currently logged in, a Login Time will be displayed just to the left of Request Access.

Once you have logged in as the user, go to the Document Room and follow the steps described above for deleting files.

User Disk Space for File Uploads

Each user has a defined amount of disk space for file uploads. Disk space is defined by role in Administration Security Roles. You may change the disk space for an individual user in Administration Users Basic tab Disk Space.

Disk space usage for any user is visible in the lower right-hand side of any screen in Tk20:

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