Changing Evaluation Methods in a DRF Template

Under certain conditions, you can modify the evaluation method assigned to a category/requirement in the DRF template even after evaluations have begun. This includes modifying details of the assigned evaluation method, entirely removing evaluation from the area, and assigning a different evaluation method.


What you can change will depend on the evaluation method currently assigned to the area and whether or not evaluations have begun:



You CANNOT remove an evaluation method after the evaluation process has begun.
When you attempt to change (replace) the method after the evaluation process has begun, you may be prompted regarding a risk that existing evaluation data may be lost and that some authors’ work may need to be re-evaluated. In some cases, you may be blocked from editing an evaluation method in order to preserve evaluation data that has already been entered.

The Evaluation Method column in Step 3: Evaluation includes a Reassign/Edit Evaluation Method button in each area for which a method has been assigned. This button provides access to all the available types of change.

This same column includes buttons that enable you to Preview Evaluation Screen, View Rubric and/or View Form, so that you can make an informed decision about changing this method for this area.


Steps to Change an Evaluation Method

To change or edit the evaluation method assigned to a DRF area:

  1. Click the Reassign/Edit Evaluation Method button in that area of the Assign Evaluation page


  2. If you want to edit the preferences that were specified for this area (e.g. visibility, the maximum score for a "write-in" method, etc.), click Edit Evaluation Method.


    • Click Edit Rubric Values/Weights to navigate directly to the rubric grid, where you are able to update the rubric scale and/or weighting.

    • Click Edit Scoring Preferences to navigate directly to the scoring preference page.

    • Changes to rubric descriptors or header text can only be made from the Rubric Wizard. When you edit text through the Rubric Wizard, changes are automatically incorporated in the DRF version.


    While rubric text edits can occur at any time, the evaluation method and scoring options cannot be changed once an Author has submitted work for evaluation in that area.

  3. If you have decided that the currently-assigned method of evaluation is inappropriate or not effective for this area, click Change Evaluation Method. You are returned to the Select Evaluation Methods screen.


    a. (Optional) Click Back to Evaluation Home to return to the previous page without changing the method.
    b. Click Select for the new method you want to assign to this area.
    c.When you apply the changes for the customized information for this new method, the system will check to see if there are any evaluations in progress for this DRF area. If so, you CANNOT change the evaluation method unless you DELETE ALL EXISTING EVALUATIONS. (Not Recommended)

  4. If evaluations have not yet begun in this area, you can click to Remove Evaluation Method. In this case, you will need to return at a later time and assign a new method to this area.


    If there are three (3) or more evaluations in progress or if any evaluations have been completed, you are required to enter an authorization code to proceed with evaluation data deletion. To obtain an authorization code or for more information, see: 

    Authorization Code for Edits that May Delete Data 


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