Changing a DRF Template in Use

Situations may occasionally arise where there is a need to make changes to a DRF Template that is currently in use by participants. Once a template is in use, this will limit the types of changes you can make because data preservation is extremely important to the Taskstream system.

The tables below provide an overview of the types of changes that can be made after submissions and evaluations have occurred.


DRF Template Structure Changes



DRF Evaluation Method Changes



Managing Changes to a DRF Template in Use

In some cases, a requirement in a DRF may become outdated due to changes such as:

  • Content of requirement has changed
  • Assessment instrument has changed

Once the evaluation process begins, you will not be able to make those changes without deleting all evaluations associated with that requirement.

It is highly recommended not to delete evaluation data within LAT.

To accommodate changes of this nature, the best and suggested solution would be to create a new version of that requirement in the DRF Template and hide the previous one from participants using the visibility feature in the DRF Program setup. These steps are outlined below.

Creating a New Requirement and Using Visibility

To begin, make a copy of the original requirement in the DRF Template.


Once you’ve made a copy of the requirement, rename it to differentiate it from the original. It is recommended to include dates to assist with clarity when running reports.


(Optional) Update/change the directions for the new version of the requirement.



When the requirement was copied, the original evaluation method was copied over as well. Make any necessary changes to the evaluation method for the new requirement.




Once you’ve made the necessary changes to the DRF Template, you can access Tab 2 of the DRF Program setup to adjust the visibility.



For the previous version of the requirement, it is recommended to hide it for the following:

  • All students who have not yet submitted.
  • All future students who will be enrolled into this DRF Program – check the box for Preference for future enrollment.

Click Apply Changes when finished.



For the new version of the requirement, it is recommended to hide it for the following:

  • Students who were already evaluated in the previous version of the requirement.

(Optional) You may also hide the previous version of the requirement from Evaluators who should not see it by editing the Evaluator Visibility settings.


If you need an authorization code, Submit A Request with the subject "Authorization Code." In your request, provide a description of what you would like to edit or delete, including the exact names of the respective rubrics and DRF templates.

For more information on authorization codes, see:

Taskstream Authorization Code for Template and Rubric Edits that May Delete Data

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