How can I make a copy of a DRF template?

Making a copy of a DRF template will allow you to reuse the original structure of your DRF. You can make edits to the copied DRF template without compromising any evaluation data associated with the original template.

To make a copy of your DRF, first click TS Coordinator from the top menu bar. Then click on DRF Template Builder under the DRF Assessment System section. In the DRF Template Builder, you will see your existing DRF Templates listed below. Click the Copy button across from the title of the DRF you wish to copy and then enter a new name (to distinguish it from the original) in the space provided. Click Copy to finalize and return to the DRF template builder. The copied template will now appear in the list of existing templates below.
More information on copying DRF Templates or Programs:

Copying an Existing DRF Template

If you wish to make extensive changes to existing requirements/evaluation methods without affecting the previous groups of participants in your DRF, you can make a copy of your DRF Template.


To begin, click on the TS Coordinator menu.


Click the DRF Template Builder link.



Locate the template you wish to copy in the list and click the Copy button to the right.



Specify a new name for the template and click Copy.


Once the template is copied, make any changes you need to such as adding/removing requirements, altering directions, changing evaluation methods, etc.


Copying an Existing DRF Program

If you have made changes to your DRF Template and/or are creating a DRF Program for a new group of participants for a DRF Program which your organization administered previously, you may wish to consider copying the existing version of the program. This will allow you to maintain the same program settings for the new group of participants.


To begin, click the TS Coordinator menu.



Click the DRF Programs link. (Link name may also include TPA & PACT)



Locate the DRF Program you wish to copy in the list and click the Copy button to the right.



Enter a title for the new program.


  • You may wish to copy a portion of the previous program’s enrollment – if so, click Yes and check the boxes for Authors, Evaluators, and/or Managers.

  • (Optional) If your previous version of the program used Manual Grouping, you will need to select whether or not you wish to copy groups as well.

Click the Copy Program button after making your changes and selections.



 You will still need to set an enrollment option, choose the appropriate DRF template, and make the program active. To proceed, click the Modify and Activate This Copied DRF Program button.



Click tab 2, DRF Template.



Select the category My DRF Templates and click the Go button.



Find the appropriate template and click the Select This Template button.



(Optional) If this DRF Template has been used in other DRF Programs, select to Use this DRF template as is or Make a copy of the DRF Template.



Choose whether or not multiple evaluations are need for each submission and click the Continue button.


Click tab 3, Enrollment. Here you can manually enroll faculty as Reviewers and/or Evaluators. You can also enroll students as Authors or enable a self-enrollment code so that students can enroll themselves.



Click tab 6, Status.



Click the Change Status to Active button.



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