How to Review and Contribute to a Submission

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You can access the Workflow Administrator Certification videos here.

When opening an active task, reviewers can see the materials submitted by all prior participants. Because of the sensitive nature of review materials, users cannot download, print, or modify any of those materials.

Once reviewers have taken time to review the submission and formulate their thoughts, they can simply fill out the available form.

The submission forms available to participants are customized for each specific process and step by the Workflow Administrator. Certain fields may be set as required. This is a configuration choice made when the form was created. Based on the type of fields selected, users may also have rich text formatting options that allow them to organize and emphasize their information as needed.

Since these materials take time to compile, Workflow also includes the option to save progress and finish the submission later.

Reminders and Notifications

Based on the Workflow configuration, reviewers may receive reminder emails to notify them of approaching deadlines. Keep in mind that deadlines are soft unless the Workflow Administrator has set up an auto-advance date on the schedule. When an auto-advance date is not specified the submissions will not automatically advance to the next step if a deadline is missed, ensuring materials never progress before the participant is ready.

Note: Some steps may be configured to automatically advance at the deadline.


Send a Submission Back to the Previous Step

Reviewers may find that the initial submission or the previous review step was submitted with incomplete or incorrect information, or it may need further clarification. In those cases, reviewers may "send back" the submission to the previous step.


To send back a submission, open the Actions menu and select "Send Back to Previous Step." This will prompt the user to write a message to the reviewer or submitter at the previous step and set a due date to revise and resubmit their content. This will generate an email notification to the participant at the previous step, and the email will contain a link to directly access the task in question.

Note that this function is only available for reviewer steps, not faculty steps. While submissions cannot be sent back from faculty response steps, the participant immediately prior to the faculty response can recall the submission.

Downloading a Submission to Review Outside of the Workflow Module (optional)

If you would like to review a submission outside of the Workflow module, you may be able to use the submission download functionality to download the contents of the submissions for offline viewing. The submission download functionality may be turned off for the institution by your university administrator, who will need to submit a work request to Watermark.

Finalizing a Submission

When reviewers are ready to advance the process to the next step, they simply click "Submit" from the Actions menu to move the materials to the next step in the process.

The Workflow module is available to add to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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