Where can I see a student's Graduation Date in SS&E?


A student's graduation date can import on the Transcript Degree data feed along with their Program and Degree name/title earned.

Once imported, this data will appear:

  • On the student's Transcript Tab under Degree/Program, Date Granted.
  • In Reporting, where it can be reported/filtered on (for example on the Enrollments or Students report source).

Another way that some schools identify students that graduated is by importing a "Graduate" tag on the Person Tag data feed. 

  • The Person Tag data import simply assigns tags in SS&E based on the the personId/tagId/active true/false data importing from the SIS. There is no other logic used for these tags within SS&E.
  • For more information about data-backed tags, click here.

Student Filter - Degrees/Programs, Tags

  • The Transcript Degree data cannot be filtered upon in the Student Filter Degrees/Programs Include/Exclude.
  • The Student Filter Degrees/Programs Include/Exclude searches for degrees and programs importing on the Transcript data feed primaryDegreeProgramId.
        • By definition, this is the student's primary degree program being earned, and it must match an existing degree_program.id.

  • Data-backed tags can be filtered upon from the Student Filter - Tags Include/Exclude.

2023-08-17 10_11_36-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-08-17 09_27_06-Settings.png - Greenshot image edi.png 2023-08-17 10_28_04-Settings.png

Data Import Definitions

To view the SIS Data Import Definitions, click here.

From the above article, the Transcript Degree Data Import Definitions are copied below.

2023-08-17 09_27_58-SIS Import Definitions (for Views and CSV Files) – Watermark.png

Datafeeds Administration

The Transcript Degree Imported Data View will display all records imported from the SIS system into SS&E.

2023-08-17 09_27_06-Settings.png

Student Transcript Tab

The Transcript Degree data imported from the SIS will display on the UI on the student's Transcript tab.

2023-08-17 09_26_30-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png


Student Profile Tab

Data-backed tags imported from the SIS will display on the student's Profile tab.


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