Last Attendance Date


The last attendance date displays differently by design for different course sections, as this depends on whether or not the course section is online.

  • To check if a course section is set to online=yes, check the course section details in Course Sections Administration.

Last Attendance Date Rules

The last attendance date displayed on the Student Courses tab on the UI, listed under each course section, is based on the following rules:

Course Section is Online

  • For an Online course section, the last attendance date is set to the student's last assignment submission date most recently synced from the LMS, eg. "lastAssignmentSubmittedDate".
  • To view the most recent enrollment data synced from the LMS, from SS&E Administration - Course Sections Administration, search for the Course Section, and then select the ID to view the course section details. On the top menu bar, select "Enrollments from LMS" to view the raw data pulled for the individual course section directly from the LMS.
  • The exact datetime displayed on the student record lastAssignmentSubmittedDate synced from the LMS may appear different than what is displayed on the student courses tab if the data pulled from the LMS system is in Zulu time, eg. has no offset.
      • To verify, if there is a Z displayed at the end of the Enrollments from LMS student record lastAssignmentSubmittedDate datetime this represents zero offset from UTC. However, when displayed on the student record, this value is always translated to the logged-in user’s timezone.

Course Section is not Online

  • If a course section is Not Online, then the last attendance date displayed on the student courses tab is set to the last Transcript Course Attendance date on record.
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