Student Filter Open Alerts are missing

Filtering on "Has Open Alerts" includes results for open alerts that are missing from the student record.


In most cases, the reason that the student filter returns open alerts that are not displayed on the student record is that by design, the student filter finds all open alerts, regardless of whether the signed-in user has permission to actually view the filtered alert(s) results.

In SS&E - Administration - Alerts, there are Alert Configuration screens for each alert.

To clarify, this means that every type of Automated Alert and every Staff Initiated Alert reason is assigned security roles. Only users that are assigned to at least one of the assigned security roles will be permitted to view and/or use the alert. This applies both to staff and student users.

  • Students are only allowed to view alerts that are assigned the "Student" role.
  • Staff is only allowed to use and view alerts that are assigned at least one role that is assigned to their Person record - Details tab - Security Roles.

Quick Tip: From Roles Administration - Role Usage (links on the right), click on the "People" count to view all users assigned to a specific role.

  • For more information about Alert Configuration, click here.
  • For more information about Role Usage, click here.

Closing an Alert

When trying to close an open alert, if the student alert is not visible, either the staff user must be added to one of the alert security roles or the alert must be closed by someone who is able to view the alert.

Deleting an Alert

Deleting a Person Alert requires SS&E Administration permissions. To delete a person alert(s), follow the instructions found here.


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