Building a Filter for Messaging

To create a filter:

  1. Select a person type from the People page dropdown or go to the Students page of Student Success & Engagement.
  2. From there, click on the plus symbol (+) next to the word Filter to add a new filter. 
  3. This will open a pop up menu where you can specify all the filter criteria for the filter you are creating.

    2024-02-26 08_10_14-Window.png
  4. The first step in building a filter, is always to determine the scope of the filter results.
    • The filter can include results from the entire population you have access to, your caseload, additional/other user caseloads, or students you follow.
      2024-02-04 19_11_34-Mail.png
    • For more information about shared filters, click here.
    • For information about filter folders, click here.
  5. Next, specify the term you are looking to target.
    • If you are only looking for currently enrolled/registered students. select the current term.mceclip2.png
  6. Enter the filter name and save the filter.
  7. View the filter results to ensure it is producing the expected students.
  8. After saving the filter, you can access this listof students from the Messages area of SS&E.

To send a message with a student filter:

You may send a message to the targeted students by creating a New Message or you can access the same list from Scheduled Messages. 
mceclip0.pngWhen sending a message, you can also create a note from the message by selecting a note type on the message form.  This will add a note on the student's Notes tab for each student the message was sent to. 
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