Impact Tasks


Impact tasks allow institutions to understand whether a student has completed an assigned responsibility, how long it took to complete and can be used for follow-up by an advisor/coach if the student has not completed their assigned tasks.

Impact Tasking permits any user to assign a task to any other user.

  • Tasks have due dates and can link information from a Resource Guide.
  • The goal of Impact Tasking is to allow the institution to track and change student behavior.

The analytics gathered from each task and their associations will be processed through our intelligence engine, Predict, to understand what students are doing and to drive recommendations based on the history of similarities.

How to Assign a Task

To assign a task to a student or staff member, click on Add Task. 

Next, select a template based on what tasks can be created by the logged-in user role.

Upon choosing a template, subsequent information will need to be completed.

This allows users to attached Resources to a task as well as clearly define the parameters of the specific task. 

Notify Others about the Task

When creating a task or changing a task status using the "Update" button, you may choose to notify specific people by selecting them from a drop down list.

  • This allows notifications to be sent to people who may not be directly assigned to the task.

User Settings

Once the task is assigned to a student that is on the Caseload of additional faculty and staff members, they are able to see this information as an Event within the Activity Feed (if they have opted into receiving this information within their personal User Settings).


Tasks Tab

  • Faculty and staff are also able to see progress to completion within the Tasks Tab on a student's record. 

Home Page

  • As a recipient of a task students or staff will see the assigned tasked within their home screen of Student Success & Engagement.
  • A separate email will also be initiated, informing them of the assignment. 
  • Progress to completion can then be marked within the home screen. 


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