Leads Accessing Assigned Tactics and Updating Progress

If you're a lead, you've either received an email notification letting you know that a tactic has been assigned to you in a Strategic Plan, or you are accessing your assigned tactic from your homepage. 


Leads will see the assigned tactic in the Strategic Plan available to them on the Organization Card of the homepage. The tactic will be available under the Strategic Goal for which it has been created. 






You can click on these tactics and provide a status update on their progress. To do so, click the link of the tactic and click Update Progress. 








As a lead, you can add as many updates as you want to a single tactic. In addition to updates, you can edit the progress %, the tactic status, and add supporting documentation.


To add documentation, click Add New Progress Update. The option to Attach Evidence will appear. The lead/administrator will be able to attach up to 5 files in this area.



After the file has completed uploading, it will appear below. Click Add to ensure that the update saves. Then click Done




 Each update will be saved based on the date it was added. Once an update is added, it can be edited or deleted. 


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