What is the "Preferred" Address?


If a person has multiple addresses imported into the Student Success & Engagement database from the SIS, the system displays a "preferred" address by selecting an address according to the following rules:

  1. Does the user have a "Permanent" address?
  2. Is there a "Current" address?
  3. Is there an "Active" address?


  • All the above steps only look for addresses that are marked as "Active = True" in the Person Address database view. Any address that is marked as Active = False will not display in SS&E by design.
  • If multiple addresses exist on any step, then the very first address the system finds will be used.
      • For example, if for some reason a user has multiple addresses marked as "permanent", the first permanent address that the system finds is used.

Permanent Address

The system will first attempt to find an address that was imported from the SIS on the Person Address data feed and is marked as "permanent".

Current Address

If no permanent address is found, then a Person Address imported from the SIS and marked as "current" is used.

Any Active Address

If no permanent or current addresses are found for a person, then the system looks for the first address that is marked as "Active."

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