Student View - Courses Tab

The Courses Tab on the Student's Profile provides details for each class a student has on their transcript, organized by term. 

Details about found for the courses include:

  • Instructor
  • Course Dates
  • Location
  • Registration Status
  • Current Grade
  • Credits
  • Last Login Date
  • Last Assignment Submitted Date
  • Last Attendance Date
  • In Depth Attendance Details

In the top right of each course information card, you'll notice the course completion risk score as well as a button to view in depth attendance details.  In the Attendance Details modal, you'll see every course meeting date and that student's attendance status for that meeting.

You'll notice there are several different icons in the Attendance column.  This icons are:

  • Present - The student was in class and on time.
  • Tardy - The student was late to class.
  • Absent - The student never showed up for class.
  • Excused - The student never showed up for class, but with an approved reason to miss the class session.
  • Unknown - The Student Success & Engagement System doesn't know the status of this attendance record.  The most common reason for this is either that attendance hasn't been taken or the attendance record hasn't synced from the SIS into SS&E yet.
      • When attendance tracking within SS&E is not enabled, attendance records import on the Transcript Course Attendance data feed and are associated with a Course Section Schedule Element Id, eg. the course section meeting Id.
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