Students are missing an Advisor that is repeatedly expiring


Advisors are missing from Student records.

  • Check in Administration - Relationships - Relationships found here if searching by the student shows that the Advisor assignment is repeatedly unassigned and expiring from student records? Yes/No.


To resolve, please check which/if any of the following apply:

1. On the Student Activity Feed - verify if the advisor is being assigned over and over yet not displaying on the student record?

  • If yes, check if the advisor is assigned the "Adjunct Faculty" function/security role from Administration - People & Roles - People, searching by the advisor.
  • Per Staff Roles Configuration found here, the Adjunct Faculty function/role is unique and will remove user permissions otherwise granted by another assigned role(s).
  • To fix the issue, remove the Adjunct Faculty function/role from the advisor and make sure that the user has another assigned role with the required "advisor" permissions.
      • To remove an assigned role, from People Administration, select the Person record and then click the icon to remove a role from the list of Security Roles displayed on their Details tab.
      • For more information about managing roles and permissions, click here.
  • After the Adjunct Faculty function/role has been removed, verify that the advisor displays correctly on the UI after the next SIS Import Job runs and completes.

2. On the student record from Administration - People & Roles - People, search by the student and then verify under Security Roles, is there a "Student" role listed? If yes, then this is not the issue.

  • If a Student role is not assigned to the student, this explains why their advisor is missing.
  • Click on "Add" to add the student role.
  • Check this again to make sure the advisor displays on the UI after the next SIS Import Job runs and completes.

To summarize, all Person records must first be assigned a student role** in order to be assigned an advisor/success staff.

**Some Import Roles are imported from the SIS on the Person data feed. However, if there is a role included in the Person data extract that does not display on the Person record in SS&E, this usually means that the role assignment was manually deleted from the UI, and therefore it cannot re-import and get assigned via the SIS Import again. If this is the case, the role assigned in the data extract/person.json will NOT display in SS&E and must be reassigned manually if needed. To verify that the role included in the Person data extract was manually removed in the past, this can be verified in Relationships Administration by searching for the Expired By Reason.  

Note: If a person's imported role was removed from the UI, and the person has no other assigned roles, then a role must be assigned "manually" in People Administration so that the user is able to log in. What happens when person records have no assigned role is further explained here.



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