Student Tabs are Missing

Reported Issue

  • Student Tabs are missing
  • Staff view is missing tabs
  • The Student information tabs/layout/UI changed
  • Student data can only be accessed via a dropdown menu instead of displaying on different tabs
  • Staff and Faculty cannot access parts of SS&E that they should have permissions to
  • Staff can no longer access SS&E the same way they used to

Why did this change?

The student information tabs will automatically display in a Profile dropdown menu when the SS&E screen size is set to a narrow setting or if the browser zoom setting is set to a very large number.


To change the display back to the "standard" student profile "tabs" view, either change the monitor screen display to a wider/full view or set the browser zoom setting to a smaller number.


1. In the following screenshot, all the student tabs have moved from a "tabs" view to display in a dropdown menu accessed from the selected student Profile arrow menu.

2. Once selected, on the far right side of the Profile dropdown menu there is a light gray scroll bar that changes color to a darker gray when selected.


3. To switch to a different student "tab", select the tab name in the dropdown menu.


4. To switch back to the standard tab layout, expand the screen to a full page/wider view or set the browser's zoom setting to a smaller number.


2024-03-27 13_00_14-.png

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