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Student Success & Engagement can display Message Logging on the student record in the following scenarios:

  1. Messages created in SS&E, sent from staff to student.
  2. Messages created in SS&E, sent from student to staff.
  3. For institution's using Gmail as their institutional email client, external messages created in Gmail sent from staff to anyone (student(s)/staff/someone that is not an SS&E "person").

Note: At the moment, messages sent to student workers, eg. students that are also assigned a staff role, do not appear on the student/staff record by design. 

To start using Message Logging, reach out to your SS&E Administrator with the instructions found here.

Message Logging Attributes

Once a message is "logged" to a student, it will appear on the student's Activity Feed and Messages tabs.

  • "Logging a message" means saving an internal or external email message in SS&E by associating the message with a student(s) record.
  • By default, internal message logging is available on the SS&E Messaging Interface once enabled and configured in SS&E Administration.
  • External Message Logging is an add-on feature that requires setup. Currently, Gmail is the only supported external email client that can "log" Gmail messages within SS&E by associating them with a student record.
  • Clicking on an internal/external email message within SS&E will display the message details and the full thread for the related conversation.
  • To view internal/external email messages in SS&E, from the Messages Tab/Activity Feed, verify that the Messages/Activity tab filter is checked to include the appropriate "Messages" item types.
      • On the Activity tab/feed, select the "All Items" dropdown.
      • On the Messages tab, select the "Message Types" dropdown.
      • By default, when there are no specific "Message Types" selected on the Messages item, all message types will display on the UI.
      • If a message type(s) is selected, then only the selected message types will display on the UI.
      • For more details about the Message Type filter, see here.
  • Messages can only be replied to from the message detail view when:
    1. The message originated in SS&E (it is an Internal Message), and
    2. The reply is sent by a participant that is on the message thread.


Internal Messages Logging

"Internal" messages are messages created inside SS&E or Watermark Student by either an SS&E staff or SS&E student user. Message Logging for these type of messages can occur in one of two ways:

  • Messages sent from staff to students
  • Messages sent from students to staff

Messages sent from Staff to Student

Once assigned the "Can Log Messages" permission, a staff member will see a "Log Message" checkbox when creating an email message within SS&E.

  • Checking this box will cause the message to be added to the student record Messages and Activity tabs. 
  • Messages can be removed from the Student Messages tab either by the user who "logged" the message or by any user with permission to "Can Unlog All Messages".


Staff View - Messages Page

  • On the Staff's SS&E Messages Page, logged messages will display an indicator on the right side showing which messages are "logged".
  • From the Messages Page, internal messages can also be retroactively logged on a student record.



Messages sent from Students to Staff

IMPORTANT: By default, this functionality is disabled in Application Administration.

  • To enable, please reach out to an SS&E user with Administrator access. For Message Logging Administration, see here.

Once enabled, all messages sent from a student to a staff member will automatically be logged and display on the student's Messages and Activity Feed tabs. There is no optional "log" checkbox on messages sent in SS&E from students to staff.

External Messages Logging

"External" message logging saves email messages sent from an email client outside of SS&E (e.g. not via the SS&E Messaging interface) to anyone (a student(s)/staff/non-SS&E email address) and displays external messages within SS&E.

  • Currently Gmail is the only supported "external" email client.
  • Gmail (external) message integration functionality is an add-on feature that requires setup by SS&E staff along with the institution's Google Workspace Administrator before being enabled in SS&E Administration.
  • To add Gmail Message Logging to your Watermark Student Success & Engagement product suite, please open a support ticket or reach out to your client success representative.
  • Once Gmail Message Logging setup is complete and enabled, each staff user needs to configure their individual User Settings and install a Chrome browser extension to allow external (Gmail) messages to optionally display in SS&E on a student record.
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