Creating a Message Template


Message Template allow users to create templates that can be selected when creating a new message so that you don't have to re-create the same message over and over.

How to create a Message Template

Users can create a new message template from within SS&E Messages (accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right), by selecting "+ New" either from the Templates menu or from the Inbox "New Message" screen.

Messaging Templates Menu


Messaging Inbox Menu

  • The "New" Message screen can be used to create a template without sending a message.
  • If the new message is canceled after the message template is saved, the message will NOT be sent.


  • Upon completion of an email message, to ensure that the message is saved as a template for future use, select "Save as Template" from the top action bar before sending the message. 
  • If a message is cancelled after the message template is saved, the message template will be available for future use.

How to Customize a Message Template

After choosing the appropriate recipients, users have the opportunity to customize the Message Subject and/or the Message Body using any of the Custom Variables listed in the Message Body Field dropdown menu. 

  • The same custom variables display both on the New Message Template entry screen or the Inbox New Message entry screen.
  • View the Message Template "Preview" on the right side to view the custom variables.


This allows the subject line of the email and/or the email message body to be customized per recipient. 




Once a template has been saved it will then appear as an option for future messages. 




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