Message Reporting


Messages may be reported on both from SS&E Administration -> Messaging Administration on the Message Report and from the SS&E Report Builder using the Messages report source.

Messaging Administration

Click here to view the Message Report in SS&E Administration.

  • To fix the above URL, replace yourInstitution with your institution name displayed in a working URL. For more details, click here.

ALL email/text messsages processed by Student Success & Engagement will appear on the Message Report.

Messages can be filtered on by the:

  • Sender(s) (From)
  • Recipient(s) (To)
  • Date range (Start Date -> End Date)
  • Message status(s) (Status)
  • Message error code description(s) (Error)

For best results, it is recommended to use the message from/to/date filters to target the information you are seeking. 

  • Multiple values can be selected on all filters with the exception of the date range.

2023-12-18 14_58_39-.png

  • To view what the different message delivery statuses represent, click here.
  • To view what the different message report error messages represent, click here.

Message Report Columns

The following Message Report columns can all be filtered upon. 

  • ID - Click on the ID to view the message details
  • Sender - From whom the message was sent
  • Recipient - Whom the message was sent to
  • Status - The message delivery status
  • Error - The error code if an error occurred
  • Date - The date and time the message status was recorded
  • Attempt - The number of attempts made by SS&E to send the message
  • Destinations - The message destination where SS&E tried to send the message to; a phone number in this column represents a Text Message/SMS sent message sent by the staff/faculty system-assigned Twilio number displayed in SMS Configuration listed under Messaging Administration
  • Successfully Sent Destinations - Confirmation that the message was sent successfully to the listed destination(s)

How to View the Original Message

  • To view the original message subject and message body, filter the Message Report by date/sender/recipient etc. as needed and then click on the ID number displayed in the ID column.
  • The message body will display the original message processed by SS&E.
  • If the original message body is displaying a message that is using some HTML formatting code, or displaying the results of a message entirely displayed by using HTML formatting code, any report created from the Messages report source will display the underlying HTML code in the Body [Messages] column results.
      • If the original message uses both text and HTML code, then the report will show both as well.
      • In the following example, the Message Report shows a message with a message body that does not include any text, and only uses HTML. This explains why the report "Body" column displays only HTML, since that represents the original message body's underlying HTML code. 2024-01-25 12_14_26-Slack - sse_supportteam - Watermark - 3 new items.png2024-01-25 12_14_43-Slack - sse_supportteam - Watermark - 3 new items.png

How to View Failed Messages

  • To view failed messages, filter on the Failed message status and/or a specific error message(s) displayed in the Status/Error report filters.
  • Failed messages will not resend automatically.

Message Troubleshooting

The Email/Text Message is Missing or Did Not Send

  1. On the Message Report, filter by date and optionally use additional filters such as the intended message recipient(s).
  2. Scroll through the results to search for the message.
  3. Sort on the different column headers to help search for the message.
  4. If the message is not found on the message report when filtered by date, then the message did not reach the SS&E messaging job.
  5. If the message is found with a "FAILED" status, that is why the email/text message did not send.
  6. Check the Error column to see why the message failed to send. For more information about the message report errors, click here.
      • If a text message fails, the system will automatically attempt to send the failed text message to the user's primary (edu) email address found on the recipient's person rescord.
      • When an error is found on a text message, it may continue to send automatically via email instead until the underlying issue is fixed.
      • When an error is found on an email message, it will continue to fail until the underlying issue is fixed.
  7. If there is no error that explains what happened, please try sending the message again.
  8. If the issue persists, please open a support ticket with a recording of the message sending.
  • On rare occasions, email messages are "sent successfully" and not delivered. The most common reason is that the email address is on the Supressed Email Destination list.
      • When this happens, the email message is processed successfully by the SS&E Messaging Job yet cannot be delivered because of something happening in the email address edu institutional/destination environment. For more information, click here.

For additional articles about Messaging Troubleshooting, click here.

Building Message Reports in the SS&E Report Builder

  1. Select the Messages report source (this is permission/role-based).
  2. Select the report columns that represent the data/content that will be displayed on the report.
  3. Select filters to help narrow down the report results by date/other criteria.
      1. Select "Prompt" to include the report filter(s) on the "Run" report page so that it can be set/changed on the fly.
  4. Use "Other Settings" to set the page size and the number of rows to export to Excel (up to 30k). 


Click here to view/set role permissions in Report Sources Administration.

How to Run a Report

  1. Select the Report icon in the top right , on the main navigation bar.
  2. Select an existing report or select the plus sign (+) to create a new report using the Messages report source.
  3. Enter the report name, report columns, report criteria (filters), and other settings.
    • Remember to increase the number of rows to export to Excel if your report includes more than the default setting of 500 rows.

 For additional report builder tips and examples, click here.

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