Course Learning Outcomes Import Guidelines

*If importing more than one type of outcome, i.e. Course Outcomes and General Education Outcomes, provide in separate files.

If you would like to import any other type of outcome, please consult with your Product Consultant on best practices

The import supports .csv UTF-8. A header row should indicate the contents of each column, as each heading is manually mapped to its corresponding field during the import process. Only courses in your Curriculum Strategy Catalog should be in the outcomes file.

Example: Outcomes Template and Sample.csv


Subject Code

  • Explanation: Character abbreviation indicating the field of study.
  • Example: “BIO”
  • Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric
  • Sample file column: A
  • Import Status: Required

Subject Name

  • Explanation: Subject matter or unit of study
  • Example: “Biology”
  • Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric
  • Sample file column: B
  • Import Status: Required

Course Number

  • Explanation: Numerical value assigned to a course that often reflects course level and number of credits associated to this course
  • Example: “201”
  • Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric
  • Sample file column: C
  • Import Status: Required
  • Leading 0’s. If you course numbers contain leading zeros follow these steps to ensure the zeros are not dropped upon import into Curriculum Strategy.

Outcome Number

  • Explanation: Outcomes must be numbered in chronological order to ensure they are imported in the correct order  
  • Example: “1”, “2”, “3”
  • Field Type and Length: Numeric
  • Sample file column: D
  • Import Status: Required

Outcome Description

  • Explanation: course outcome description
  • Example: “This course offers the student…. “
  • Field Type: Alphanumeric
  • Sample file column: E 
  • Import Status: Required 
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