How to Manage Narrative Workflow for Catalog and Curriculum Management

As Administrators, you have access to all sections of the catalog. This means you can edit, approve, and publish. During implementation, you will be asked to provide a list of users who will assist you with catalog maintenance. Your Product Consultant will send you the Users and Permissions spreadsheet to fill out this information.

These users should be assigned one workflow role so they can serve as an editor or a reviewer, for example. Editors can use the Rich Text Editor to make changes to an item. Next, they will send the item forward to a Reviewer, who will check the content for accuracy. The Reviewer is then able to send the item forward to the Approver (the final step before the item is published), or send the item back to the Editor to make revisions. Once the item is approved, it will disappear from the Workbox and publishing the catalog will make the item/edited content appear on the live site. Remember, only Administrators can publish. 

If you are only implementing the Catalog module, you can provide your list of users, specify which workflow role they will have (editor, reviewer), and indicate which narrative items, courses, and program items they will have access to.

If you are implementing the Curriculum Management module later, you can still provide your list of users, their workflow role, and indicate the narrative items these users will be responsible for editing/reviewing. You do not need to provide user permissions for your course or program content since this will eventually be edited through the Curriculum Management module via proposals.

Once you begin working with your Product Consultant to implement Curriculum Management, you will set up your workflow together to add, delete, and revise course and program information. We advise that you hold off on setting up user permissions for Curriculum Management until then.

There are two articles to review regarding how the permissions function within these modules:

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