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What do I do when a CES admin leaves? (New admin checklist)

Review the New Admin Checklist to see the steps and resources that are available for new CES admins.

How do I create General Surveys and General Survey Projects?

There are a number of resources in the Help Center you can refer to help guide you through creating General Surveys and General Survey Projects. 

For further support and resources please connect with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or visit the Watermark Academy

How do administrators/instructors create their own survey questions?

Ensure your administrators have the correct permissions to create their own survey questions. Review the Manage Administrators Help Center Article to learn about the various roles you can assign to an administrator. If you wish to allow administrators/instructors to create Custom Questions for a General Survey Project, ensure the Custom Question feature is enabled for each role. You can learn more by viewing the Custom Questions for CES Administrators Help Center Video. The Custom Questions for Administrators & Instructors Help Center Video provides an overview for your administrators/instructors. 


For General Surveys, the CES Administrators will need to grant permissions for administrators/instructors to create General Surveys and General Survey Projects. See the Permissions Help Center Article for more details. 

Our classes need evaluations sent out on different days. How do I configure this setup?

There are several ways to ensure that surveys are sent out on their respective days.


One option is to use the course dates from your LMS to create survey course dates in CES.  If the course dates are set in your LMS, you can select the optional feature “Generate Course-Level Dates Based on Course Dates” when you import the courses into your project.  This will allow you to designate the course-specific start/end dates for the project based on the dates you have in your LMS.


Second, after importing courses, you can manually export the list of courses as an Excel file. Then you can change the start/end dates for the courses on the Excel file and re-import back into the project. This will then adjust the selected course-level dates to match what you have on the Excel file.


Note: When adjusting course start/end dates, you want to make sure to adjust the “Communications” dates as well. 


For further information, see the “Course-Level Dates” article in the Help Center.


How can I show administrators/instructors how to view reports?

There are various types of reports that can be granted access to administrators and instructors. Depending on your setup, you will want to make sure you know all types of reporting that users have access to. To see a full list of reports and their descriptions, click on the “Results/Reports” article in the Help Center.


Finally, you can download step-by-step guides that demonstrate the various types of reports and how to access them (you will need to create a free account in our Watermark Academy in order to access these guides).


How do I reset a completed evaluation?

You can reset a completed evaluation by finding the student in the “User” tab of the project, clicking on the “Edit” pencil, and clicking “Reset” on the right hand side in the column “Respondent.” From there you will have two options:

  1. Re-open - this will re-trigger the survey for this respondent. The responses will NOT be deleted.
  2. Reset - This will delete the respondent's responses and re-trigger the survey for this respondent. The responses will be deleted permanently. You will not be able to undo this action.

For further information, view the Rest Respondent Survey section of the Reset a Student Response article in the Help Center.


I’m having issues with my integration. What should I do?

  • Open the integration settings within CES and try to “Test connection” if possible.
  • Make sure the Tokens/keys and the users connected to those are still active.
  • Try to identify any recent changes in data that could have affected the data.
  • Make sure the required permissions are given to CES from within the LMS.

You can find more information and an overview about the specific integrations here.


What is the difference between “Come back later” and “Do it later” buttons?

  • “Come back Later” is a button within the survey itself that allows the respondent to save the current state of the submission, close it and come back at a later time to finish it.  As a note: if the student does not return to the survey an click "Submit" then they responses are not collected.
  • “Do it later” is a button that appears with the survey notification for respondents within the LMS. The respondent will have the option to either do it later or take the survey now. It is possible to hide the “Do it Later” button x amount of dates before the survey ends. This can be a default site setting or be enabled on a project level. 

Find more information about project properties here.

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