FAQ: Program Review

What template sections should be included in a Program Review?

If you choose not to include a section with a Smart Connection and decide to include it later, the Smart Connection will be lost.


Is there a way to copy a Program Review template instead of creating it from scratch each time? 

You can edit the previous template, but there is no way to copy an existing one.


Will editing the template year to year still change the previously used templates on past Program Reviews?

Yes. You want to make sure to create a new template if you are making any major changes.


Can a feedback flow be removed, or a program be removed once the review has started?

No. It cannot be canceled, removed, or deleted once the review has started. A program would need to have the entire flow completed before it can be assigned a new flow process.


Does it matter what organization a user is associated with if they are only going to be part of the feedback flow process?

No. These permissions do not matter as long as they are assigned to the programs when the feedback flow is created.



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