Program Review Administration

Welcome to the Program Review Module of Watermark Planning & Self Study tool. In this area, you’ll be able to set up your Program Review Cycles, create reusable templates by customizing our pre-built best practices Program Review template, and launch Program Review so your leads can begin their work to guide the development of academic programs on a continuous basis.


Tools for Program Review Administrator

The program review tool enables the program review administrators to:
  • Create reusable templates for use in program reviews
  • Create program review cycles and schedule upcoming program review schedules
  • Launch and distribute the program review template so that leads can create their program review reports

Program Review Homepage

When the program review administrator logs in, they see Program Review on the side menu of the homepage.
*Note: A user must be a top level administrator in order to have access to the Program Review administration area. 
Once they are on the Program Review page, they can create a program review template or a program review cycle.


Program review administrators can view the templates workspace by clicking on the Templates tab on the Program Review Homepage.
Here, they can create or edit reusable templates that can be used in multiple program reviews. Templates that are not in use can also be deleted from this space.



Template Creation

Administrators can create new templates by clicking on Create Template. Here they are able to see Category and Section title and their corresponding reflection questions/prompts. The template is pre-loaded with default categories and reflection questions. Users also have the ability to add new Sections and prompts in any of the categories by clicking on Add Section.

Every prompt has an Include and Omit radio button and administrators can choose to select or omit any reflection question for the Program Review cycle. The changes made in the template are specific to that particular template.

There are edit buttons right next to the prompts/questions so that users can edit or add new reflection questions. The categories and prompts that were added by using the Add Section button will have different options to edit. This modal window will have the option to change the Category, Section title or add/edit the prompts.
Each section that pulls data from other modules of P&SS are marked with a Smart Connection tag and hovering over the tag displays the details of what data is being pulled and from which module of P&SS.



Program Review Creation

Once they are on the Program review page, they can create a Program review cycle by clicking on the Create Program Review button. This creation page has four mandatory fields:

1. Program Review Title: Here the administrators can enter the title for the program review. The title should be unique. Unlike earlier, the program review title is not auto-populated.


2. Program Review Period: Select the Program Review period by selecting the reporting year. This will impact the data coming into the space for those programs to work with. The last year of the cycle should be the Semester the program review is due for completion. You can just select this year if you don’t have cycle data from previous years. Users also have the ability to create new reporting years here, without going out of the Program Review module.


3. Programs Under Review: Here the users need to select the academic programs or other units for the cycle. They also have the option to Assign Leads to the programs. As of this time, this module is most optimized for individual academic degree programs and it is our recommendation to do the report at this level. However, you can use this space for any type of unit and make needed modifications to the template.


4. Templates: All the templates created under Templates workspace are listed here for selection. Administrators can select an appropriate template to be used in the program review. If there are no templates present in the system, a link is displayed from which the users can create a template on-the-fly without navigating to the Templates workspace.

After selecting all the mandatory fields and clicking Create Program Review, an alert modal is displayed from where users can opt to launch the program review immediately or just save it and launch it at a later time.

If a user clicks on Launch Later, the program review is just saved. You can create additional cycles. This will allow you to easily see when Programs are coming up for review over time. You can go back to Edit or Launch Program Reviews at any time prior to launch. If a user opts to launch immediately by clicking Launch Now, this will launch the Program Review. The leads of the selected programs are notified through email about the launched program review. From this point onwards, contributors (assessment leads) will start to see the launched Program Review on their home page and can access and start to work on it.

Exporting a Program Review

At any point, an Administrator can export a Program Review. The review does not have to be completed to export the narrative and evidence. 


After clicking into the Program Review module, click on the Program Review cycle title. 


Click on a Program.

Click Export on the top right corner. 


Choose how the Program Review report will be exported:


Click Start Export. A prompt to save the export will appear and once saved, the download will begin in the browser. 


Once downloaded, it can be found in the downloads folder. 



 Archiving a Program Review

Completed Program Review cycles can be removed from your working area. This ensures that your working space remains clutter-free, especially when dealing with ongoing and upcoming program reviews.


Administrators and Organization Leads have the ability to archive program reviews that are completed or not in use. The archived Program Review will be listed under the Archived tab under the program review module, allowing users to seamlessly archive active program reviews.



An option is provided for Administrators and Leads to reactivate archived program reviews when necessary, seamlessly transitioning between active and archived states.
To archive a program review, there should be no ongoing or created feedback flow. Users can only archive a program review if the feedback flow review is completed in all stages by the reviewer.

When a program review is archived, the feedback flow report becomes accessible in the Docs & Reports area of the respective program. When accessing an archived program review from the Docs & Reports area, the user would be presented with a View Only view of the program review. This ensures data integrity while providing a comprehensive view of evidence associated with the program.

The Administrator interface will dynamically adjust based on the presence of active or archived program reviews -  if there are no active or archived program reviews, the respective options will not be listed to the Administrator, offering a cleaner and more focused user experience.


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