Program Review as a Reviewer

As a Reviewer, you can view available Program Reviews on the home page or via an email notification (if this option was enabled by the admin). If you received an email notification, click the link in the notification and get taken to the Program Review. 


Note: Email notifications come from (Safe-list so emails are not blocked)

Example email notification:


If you are unable to locate an email notification, the Program Review will still appear on the homepage under the Service and Committee Involvement section of the homepage. 


Once you've located the review, click the title to begin.   


You'll see the text box to enter text displayed on the right side. In this area, you can type in comments and feedback based on the program report on the left hand side. 



If more space is needed to write a response, clicking the Expand Feedback button opens up a larger text prompt. Within the feedback box, there is also a button to attach any forms, rubrics, or supplemental documents. 

Note: Only 5 attachments can be added and the only acceptable file types are: .pdf, .txt, .log, .xml, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .csv


Clicking Save allows for saving and returning to the review at a later time. 


Clicking on Submit Feedback sends the review to the next user in the feedback flow (if a flow was assigned). If a feedback flow was not assigned, it is submitted and both the lead and administrator will be able to view the feedback.  


The video below will also show the process from a reviewer's perspective.


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