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Who to Contact

When should I contact my Faculty Success Administrator instead of Watermark Support?

Your Faculty Success Administrator is available to verify your account information and assist with any questions you have regarding entering your activities for your review, web profile, or other uses. Your Administrator is familiar with requirements and expectations for usage at your campus, while Watermark Support is available to assist with questions relating to product features and functionality.

How do I contact the Faculty Success Administrator at my Institution

Locate the "?" icon in the top right of the web page and click on "Contact us". Your institution may have additional help resources available in this menu.



What is the URL I need to use to access Faculty Success?

The URL needed to login is unique to your institution. Contact your Faculty Success Administrator or use Submit A Request Form to receive an up to date login URL.

I am receiving an error when I attempt to login

Contact your Faculty Success Administrator with the details of the error you are receiving. Your account may not be set up or the login URL you have on file may need to be updated.


Why are there some records that have a "lock" icon next to them?

If you notice some records for an activity screen with collaborators (For example, Publications) appear with a "lock" icon, this means that another user created the entry and added you as an author/collaborator. If changes need to be made, the record owner will be responsible for completing the changes. Steps for determining the record owner are shared in this article

How do I edit a locked record if the record owner left the university?

Contact your administrator and request that they transfer ownership of the record

How do I know where to put each of my different types of activities?

We intend for the names of each screen to assist you in determining this. With this said, each campus has the ability to customize Faculty Success to meet its own specific needs, and as a result many have created their own custom materials to provide guidance in response to this question. We encourage you to contact your Faculty Success Administrator to inquire if such a document is available, or with any specific questions you may have.


How do I know which sections to complete for my institution?

Download the report template (if applicable) located under the report name. This report template will provide any criteria that is required for records to show within a report. If you have additional questions, please contact your Faculty Success Administrator.

I am an internal reviewer, but I am unable to access linked documents within a report

If you do not have manage data access, you will need to contact your Faculty Success Administrator and request that they grant you File Download Permission


Does Faculty Success have a spell check?

Most modern browsers have settings or preferences which enable the browser to check your spelling as you type across all web applications.

Which web browsers are supported for Faculty Success?

The following browsers are supported by our system:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

We recommend keeping your primary browser up to date to enjoy all of the latest features for Faculty Success.

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