About Faculty Success by Watermark

Faculty Success is a fully customizable online information management system designed to organize and report on your users’ teaching, research, and service activities. Hundreds of campuses in more than twenty-five countries use Faculty Success to manage critical information for accreditation and personnel management. It provides the most reliable, versatile, and secure solution for generating custom reports easily and in real time.

Faculty Success eliminates the time-consuming and often tedious task of gathering and compiling data to build reports, saving your campus time and effort by eliminating the need to prepare users’ activity reports manually. From customized report generation for accreditation and campus stakeholders, to keeping users’ profiles current on your campus’ external website, Faculty Success enables your campus to focus on using reports instead of preparing them.

Once you have entered data into Faculty Success, anyone to whom you give access can generate reports. Reports can be prepared in most formats and configurations necessary. Faculty Success is accessible at any time, day or night, from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Benefits to Users

Faculty Success eliminates periodic, recurring requests for information on users’ teaching, research, and service activities. Users can generate reports for personnel review procedures such as promotion and tenure, or reports for other stakeholders such as faculty rosters, biographical sketches and vitae once Faculty Success contains their activity data. Faculty gain a single convenient easily accessible place to maintain their activity data and generate these reports. You can also link Faculty Success to your campus’s website, ensuring that profiles of your users are always current.

We've created an overview article to help users get started with Faculty Success.

Benefits to Administrators

Administrators need timely access to users’ activity reports for accreditation; your state institutional research surveys; personnel review procedures, such as promotion and tenure; program reviews; and other stakeholders. Faculty Success gives administrators an efficient, centralized, easy-to-navigate source for generating reports on these data. With Faculty Success, you are more aware of your users’ activities and better positioned to publicize their accomplishments because of this awareness.

To assist administrators in becoming acquainted with Faculty Success, we have created a section in the Help Center here that is full of Administrator training material. Our Watermark Academy is also a helpful resource for trainings and consultations. 

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