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Hierarchy Mapper

Hierarchy Mapper allows you to automatically align courses to levels in your hierarchy, or the departments and colleges where those courses belong. Within hierarchy mapper, you can set up pairing logic that pairs courses with their specific department or college based off the identifying letters, numbers or coding of your course codes, titles, unique identifiers and, if necessary, instructor information.


Mapping Your Course Evaluations & Surveys Hierarchy

  1. Once you have built your hierarchy within Hierarchy Builder, navigate to Account Site Settings (section) Hierarchy Mapper.
  2. To map a level in your hierarchy, click on the level within the hierarchy on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the hierarchy level that you have selected.
  4. From the first dropdown menu, select the Condition you will use to map courses. Options include: Course Code, Course Title, Course Unique ID or (less typically) Instructor information.
  5. From the second dropdown menu, select the Operand that will be used in the mapping logic.


    Most commonly used are Contains or Begins With. Use caution when using Equals as the entire course code/unique id must equal the inputted value. For example, one would map Course Code Contains/Begins with ECON or ECON5 rather than Course Code Equals ECON502_05.
  6. Input Value for this hierarchy level. In example below, Course Code Begins With ACC for Accounting level in hierarchy.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Mapping logic will display below for that hierarchy level. Option to click on Edit or Delete.
  9. Logging on the right displays a date/time stamp to show when logic was created and/or updated, by a particular user.

  10. Click on the next hierarchy level to create mapping logic for other levels in hierarchy.
    1. Important Note: Courses cannot be mapped to more than one level in your hierarchy in Hierarchy Mapper. For example, in the below example, courses with the value ACC are mapped to the Accounting Department. When administrators pull the report for the School of Business, all Accounting and Finance courses will be included in this report, as these are "child nodes" under the School of Business. Do not map the same courses to both the parent and child node in hierarchy mapper (i.e. do not map ACC courses to both the Accounting department and the School of Business).
    2. Additional Note: A general rule is to create mapping logic for lowest levels in hierarchy, unless there are courses that belong to higher level (parent node) that do not belong to child nodes (I.e. courses that belong to the School of Business and are not part of any of the departments below School of Business).
  11. If needed, you can click on Export Hierarchy Mapper to download all levels of hierarchy mapping logic to an Excel spreadsheet.

Using the AND / OR in Hierarchy Mapper

Additional values and conditions may be required within your hierarchy level. For instance, you may have more than one value associated with a level in your hierarchy, or you may need to narrow down the values for a particular field. You can use OR to add additional values to a level in your hierarchy, or AND to further define values for a specific level in the hierarchy.
  1. To add additional values for a hierarchy level using OR, click on the + Sub Condition link under the Save button when creating mapping logic.
  2. Input the additional value(s). To add multiple sub conditions, click on + Sub Condition again to add more values.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To add sub conditions to existing mapping logic, click Edit and then + Sub Condition.

  1. To further define values for a specific hierarchy level using AND, simply create a separate mapping logic for that level.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Use AND only when you need to further detail the mapping logic for a particular field with more information, such as Course Code Begins With ACC AND Course Code Does Not Contain _500. Or Course Code Contains ART AND Course Unique ID Ends with _OL.

Hierarchy Mapper Tips

  1. Do not map the same course values to more than one level in your hierarchy in Hierarchy Mapper (if this is a requirement for your institution, please contact our Support Team by clicking Submit A Request 
  2. Create mapping logic for the lowest levels in your hierarchy, unless there are courses that belong to higher level (parent node) that do not belong to child nodes.
  3. When adding additional values to map to a specific hierarchy level, always use the OR logic by clicking on + Sub Condition link. Adding an additional row of mapping logic will use AND and should only be used when AND logic is required.

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