Creating a Video Assignment Template

Getting Started

Note(s): Before a Template can be created, the necessary Artifact Templates and Assessment Tools need to be created from the Administration tab.

  1. Click on Courses in the side menu.
  2. Click on My Templates located in the side menu below.
  3. Click on Assignment and Project Templates located in the side menu below
  4. Click on Create New Assignment and Project Template.

Step 1: Define Template

  1. Select a Video as Template Type from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter a Title for the template.
  3. Enter a Instructions (optional).

    Define-Template (1).png

  4. Choose template Visibility.
    1. Private: Only you can see and use the template.
    2. Public: Template is available for others to use.
  5. The Student Submission Type(s) is auto-populated.

    Student-Submission-Type (1).pngStudent Submission Type

  6. Click Next.

Step 2: Standards (optional)

  1. Click Add New .
  2. Select standard(s) from those available that this assignment is meant to achieve.
  3. Click Next.

Step 3: Select Assessment Tool(s)

  1. Select the Assessment Tool(s) that will be used by the assessor by placing a checkmark next to the corresponding form.

    Select-Assessment-Tool (2).pngSelect Assessment Tool

  2. Click Next.

Note: If the Assessment Tool has been configured but is not listed, you have to make the assessment tool available to you (see Courses Libraries ).

Step 4: Review

  1. Make the Assignment Template active, by selecting Yes.
  2. Click Finish.


  • If you select Save, it will save the work and the user will remain on the page.
  • If you select Finish, it will save the work and the user will land on the Assignment Templates page.
  • If you select Close, it will prompt you to a screen that asks you if you would like to save before closing.
  • You cannot send a video assignment based on the template unless it is active.
  • If your templates for different video assignments vary slightly, you can copy a template, make adjustments, then rename the template accordingly.
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