Sending an Assignment


  • Although this Quick Guide will refer to Assignments, all steps also apply to Projects.
  • Note: You must have access to an active Assignment template in order to send an Assignment. Assignment templates can be accessed in the Libraries Templates sub-menu under Courses. For additional details, please see the Courses Libraries Quick Guide.

Step 1: Select Course(s)

  1. Click on Courses in the side menu.
  2. Click on Coursework located in the side menu below.
  3. Click on Assignments located in the side menu below
  4. Click on Send.
  5. Choose your course from those available or click Add New to search for a course.

    Select Course(s) 

  6. Place a check mark next to the courses you want to send the Assignment and click Add.
  7. When you are finished searching, place a check mark next to all the courses you have added and click Next.

Step 2: Select Template

  1. Select the template you want to send from those available.
  2. Click Next.


Select a Template

Note: If the Template has been configured by a user but is not listed, you have to make the template available to you (see Courses Libraries).

Step 3: Select Assessor(s)

By default, the instructor(s) of the course will be added as potential assessor(s). To add additional assessors:

  1. Click Add New.
  2. Search for your assessor.
  3. Place a check mark next to the assessor(s) you wish to add, and click Add.
  4. Click Next.


Select Assessor(s)

Step 4: Send

  1. Name the Assignment.
  2. Select a Due Date/Time.
  3. Select Yes, if you would like to send an email to the students receiving the assignment.
  4. If you would like to see additional options, click on Advanced Options:
    1. Entering Grade Weight (points) is not recommend.
    2. If you wish to send the Assignment at a later time, you may select Send Later and enter the Start Date/Start Time
    3. If you would like to automatically send this Assignment to students who enroll in the course at a later time, select Yes.
    4. If you would like to add a reminder, click Select.
    5. If you want the assessor to be able to assess this Assignment or send feedback at any stage, select Yes.
  5. Click Send.

Modifying a Sent Assignment

Entire Course

  1. Check off the Assignment you want to modify on the Assignment list.
  2. Click Trash Button to delete the Assignment for the entire course.
  3. Click edit_button to edit the Assignment due date for the entire course.


Sent Assignments List 

4. Click the  

  to change the name of a sent assignment.


Individual Student

  1. Click on the name of the Assignment that was sent to the student. .
    1. Click X-BUTTON.png to delete a Assignment for the corresponding student.
    2. Select the student and click edit_button1.png to edit the Assignment due date for the corresponding student.
      1. Enter a New Due Date/Time.
      2. Click Update.


Edit Due Date for Corresponding Student

Note: Editing the due date for an assignment that has already been assessed will automatically revoke the assignment.


You can also refer to the video link: Sending an Assignment
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