At-a-Glance Operational Plan Summary Report

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To run an At-a-Glance Operational Plan report to see overall statistics relative to the Operational Plan for an institution/organization or a subset, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the link the At-a-Glance Oversight option from the Reports menu in the left panel of the account home page.

The At-a-Glance Oversight link to which you will have access will depend on the organizational level to which you have reporting oversight. 

For example, if your account has been granted reporting permissions across the entire institution, the link will be name of the institution. If you have permissions over a specific college, department or program within the institution, the link will be specific to those areas.

  1. From the At-a-Glance Reports landing page, click the Operational Plan Summary link that is displayed (near the bottom of the screen) under Assessment Plan and Operational Plan Reports.
  2. Using the pull-down menus, select (in turn) the Workspace, Operational Plan, and Organizational Area on which you'd like to report.
  3. Click the Continue button.
  4. Under Select information to display on report, select whether you want to display “Only totals for [your institution]” OR “Totals and Operational Plan results for each of the [#] Participating Areas within [your institution].”
  5. In the resulting summary report, bar charts display, the sum for Total Budget request amount, and counts for Current Status and Budget Status.

 Using checkboxes in the header area of the report, you can customize the display of the Operational Plan Summary to show/hide certain elements, view/hide percentages and graphs, and include only actions that have status report specified.

  1. If you choose to display Totals and Operational Plan results for each [#] of the Participating Areas within [your institution], you will see Operational Plan summaries for each of those Participating Areas. To drill down and see the Operational Plan in detail, click the View Operational Plan Detail by Outcome link.

Using the buttons provided, you can opt to generate a Print View of the report or Export to PDF.

You can also access the Operational Plan Summary and Detail Reports from the Workspaces section of your home page. A pull-down "Select Report" menu displays to the far right of the Participating Area name.

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