Managing a Campaign

Starting a Campaign

Every campaign must be manually started to begin sending messages.

  • To start a campaign, use the Start button on the secondary navigation bar.
  • Once started, a campaign will send messages immediately or on a future date(s) according to the campaign schedule.
  • SS&E will only begin tracking campaign performance once it is started.

Campaign Messaging Status

Once saved, campaigns will display a Messaging Status with a color coded label on the campaign record.

  • After a campaign is started, as messages are sent, they will be added to the send messaging queue. The campaign message delivery progress can be monitored from the Message Report in SS&E Administration by viewing the individual message delivery status.

Not Started

A campaign that has not yet been started and is waiting to send messages. It may be edited until started.


A campaign that has been started and will continue to send messages in the future is considered Active. 

  • Only Scheduled or Scheduled Ongoing Campaign Types will display the Active status.


A campaign that has completed sending messages will display a Done status.

  • Once an Immediate campaign is started, the system will immediately send all of the campaign messages and change the campaign messaging status to Done.
  • A Scheduled or Scheduled-Ongoing campaign messaging status will change to Done after the campaign has completed sending all messages, regardless of whether the campaign ended after the one-time/ongoing Send Schedule completed or whether it was manually ended before any messages sent or after some (ongoing scheduled) messages sent.
  • When a campaign messaging status is done, the campaign is over and it cannot be reopened. The only way to restart a campaign with a done status is to copy the campaign in order to start a brand new campaign with new campaign metrics etc.
  • Messages will stop sending after a campaign is ended, eg. set to Done, however if SS&E has already added campaign messages into the messaging queue, and the messages have not yet sent, ending the campaign will not prevent those messages from being sent. This should be rare and only applicable when there is a very large message volume trying to send all at once. The campaign messages are added to the same message queue along with all messages being sent from the different messaging areas within SS&E.


Editing a Campaign

  • To edit a campaign, use the Edit button on the secondary. NOTE: A campaign cannot be edited once it has been started.
  • Edit the appropriate settings.

Viewing/Editing an Ongoing Schedule

Only Ongoing Scheduled Campaigns may be edited and/or ended any time after they are started.

  • To edit or end an Ongoing Send Schedule, scroll to the Send Schedule section of the campaign.
  • Click the pencil icon to view and/or edit the campaign schedule.


NOTE: Only the campaign Send Schedule can be edited by changing the parameters that determine when future campaign messages will send and/or when the campaign schedule will end. The Campaign Schedule Type (Scheduled-Ongoing) and the Start Date are not editable.

  • Campaign messages are only sent one time, which is the very first time students are found in the campaign filter at the time messages are sent.

Ending a Campaign

NOTE: Only Ongoing Scheduled Campaigns may be ended any time after they are started. 

To manually end a Scheduled Ongoing campaign

  1. Select the campaign that will be ended from the Emails list.
  2. Select "End Campaign" from the secondary navigation bar. NOTE: Once a campaign is ended, no new messages will be sent. Additionally, once a campaign is ended, it cannot be restarted.
  3. The campaign's message status will changed to Done. NOTE: If a campaign is used via a pipeline automation, ending the campaign will cause an error on the automation, and new opportunities will not be enrolled in an ended campaign.

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