Campaigns Planning Guide


SS&E allows each institution to design their own campaigns in order to track and measure outcomes on campaign messages sent from within SS&E.

Based on the campaign results, institutions can learn where to readjust or target their efforts in order to achieve improved outcomes.

Campaign Phases

In general, each campaign will include the following phases:

  1. List Curation
    • Who is the campaign meant to target? Lists will most likely be based on pre-defined filters.
  2. Message Building
    • What is the campaign message? How is it going to be presented? Which font/pictures/links should be used?
  3. Soliciting Action
    • What do we want to achieve from the campaign? Do we want each recipient to schedule an appointment, enroll, send a message, join an event etc.
  4. Measurement
    • Each campaign will show results about the outcome performance. Institutions can compare their different campaigns to see which campaigns achieved better results.
  5. Taking Action
    • What worked, what should be changed, what can we learn for the next campaign?
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