Campaign Permissions

Can Access Campaigns

  • General access to campaigns.
  • Without this permission, the campaigns header will not appear.

Can Create Appointment Campaign For Other Staff

  • If a user has this permission, they can select any staff members to include in an appointment campaign.

If a user does not have permission to create an appointment campaign for other staff:

  • When creating a new appointment campaign, the staff members option will default to the current user and not be editable.
  • When editing an existing campaign, the staff members option will not be editable
  • When copying a campaign, the staff members list will change to the current user. The user will be alerted that this change happens.

Can Use Raw HTML Permission

  • If a user has this permission, they are allowed to import HTML directly into Campaigns using the "Import HTML" button to view/edit the HTML when creating or editing a campaign or campaign template.
  • This permission is set to "No" by default.
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